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Later at the mountain pass race course, he meets Stevonnie again and remembers who they are, and accepts a proposed challenge for a race from them.

During the race, Kevin taunts them mercilessly, and he fabricates a fake story about having a sick little brother in response to Stevonnie asking him why he is such a jerk.

Given he was playing 'the beast', he should have known his costume was not going to be particularly elegant.

But even Dan Stevens must of had a shock when he was made to wear a bizarre-looking oversized CGI bodysuit and a pair of stilts for his star role in this year's remake of the 1991 Disney classic.

Kevin is at first attracted to Stevonnie and is the first (and only) person to offer to dance with them.'I was honestly eating four roast dinners every day, just to keep any form of physicality.'He also told the U. A Today Show: 'Everything else looked gorgeous and beautiful. The sets were incredible.'And there's me, just sweating away through the set, "This is going to look different, right? '"The special effects posed an extra difficulty for the film crew.If they were to capture Dan's facial movements and transfer them onto the animated beast they would need a large number of cameras, which could obstruct Dan's movement.In "Beach City Drift", Kevin acts rude and condescending towards Stevonnie, claiming they were obsessed with him first calmly, then frantically when they lost gracefully.Not much is known about Kevin's and Sour Cream's relationship, except Kevin is possibly one of Sour Cream's "friends on the internet" since he is invited to the party.

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