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When people think of rape, they might picture a stranger jumping out of a shadowy place and attacking someone.But in reality about half of all people who are raped know the person who attacked them.This is known as date rape — forced sex that can happen on a date but also somewhere like a party with someone the victim may know, like, or even be interested in. Being good friends, talking to someone, dating, or hooking up usually Alcohol and drugs can play a role in date rapes.Girls and women are more likely to be raped, but it can also happen to guys. Drinking can loosen inhibitions, reduce common sense, and — for some people — allow aggressive tendencies to surface.These drugs make people feel weak and confused and can cause them to pass out and forget everything that happened while they were on the drug.

A trained rape crisis counselor or other mental health professional can give you the right care and support to begin the healing process.Online dating is a multi-billion dollar industry with over 40 million users and growing every day.It inspires people meet their spouses and make new connections in a world where people just don’t have time to date the traditional way.Does anyone know any good sites to meet people for this sort of thing?Also you yourself may reply if you are interested and decent looking.

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