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HART: In Think Like a Man, me and Michael have great chemistry. If you look at us in Think Like a Man and you look at us in About Last Night, it’s two different tones; two completely different tones of our friendship and how we are. I think Will Packer definitely realizes that and he’s not going to let us go. I put eighteen years into this craft of entertainment and now I get to a place where I’m getting my just due and people are demanding to see me and people want to work with me, I’m going to turn that down because now I say I’ve done too much? I haven’t done anything compared to those who have done things before me. (Everyone laughs.)HART: No, I’m not taking a break. Me and Seth Rogan got one that’s in works right now as well. I’ve got to take some time off to build up my next hour of stand up and then I’m going to go on tour again. If you’ve got a person who wants to challenge everything, or feels that they need to do what you do, those scenes don’t become scenes anymore. That’s like having a sure bet and not wanting to place it.‘But Regina inspires him and has renewed his hope in love. They’re in similar places in life, and while neither of them has been especially lucky with love in the past friends are saying this relationship is different, especially for Common, who was considering retiring after his 2014 album ‘Something about this relationship has completed him.He had success, he had awards, he has a thriving acting career and still performs concerts regularly, but he was missing pure companionship and Regina’s filled that void in the best way,’ the source said.Well, you’re a comic, so you’re not afraid of working. Why do you bust your ass to get to a successful place to just have to take a break? The end of About Last Night was a little predictable in that everyone’s relationship appeared to work out…. I mean, I’m a girl [and] I still go to see my happy ending. I’m broken up in real life, I can go home and see that when it don’t work out. It’s them trying to rebuild and do what they attempted to do in the first place.

The couple fell in love while filming Barbershop 3. The couple has somehow managed to keep their relationship private for the past year. Similar to Trai and Grace Byers, Common and Regina didn't let working together stand in the way of their love.

His remake is even randier than the original, which is hard to do when you’ve got Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, no clothes and a shower.

“When you’re dealing with explicit sex, if it’s funny, you can get away with a lot,” says Pink, best known for “Hot Tub Time Machine.” Hart and Hall’s assignations are down and dirty — including a quickie in a nightclub’s bathroom stall.

But it’s still a Valentine’s Day date movie, she says.

“It’s something couples can see together,” she says, “then can go get a burger, and then have some butt-naked sex!

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