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On September 30, 2005, with the November 2005 issue, another magazine published by Media Works entitled Dengeki Ani Maga was merged with Dengeki G's Magazine.This caused a massive influx of anime information, and manga and light novels to be serialized in Dengeki G's published in irregular intervals and each issue focuses on a specific bishōjo game. Unlike typical Japanese publications, pages are turned from right to left for the first half of the magazine, but this is switched to the traditional left to right configuration when reading the manga series.

At the time, the second TV anime adaptation of another of Dengeki G's Magazine's reader-participation games, Happy Lesson, was just ending, but the series had proved popular.

A reader-participation game called Megami Stadium had run in Marukatsu PC Engine between the May 1992 and January 1993 issues, so starting with the February 1993 issue of Dengeki PC Engine, Media Works created a revival of the game called Megami Paradise which ran in even-numbered issues up until the June 1996 issue.

About a year after Media Works started Megami Paradise, Marukatsu PC Engine ceased publication on January 30, 1994.

The magazine is known for hosting reader participation games whose outcome is directly influenced by the people who read the magazine; such games include Sister Princess, and Strawberry Panic! Dengeki G's Magazine first went on sale on December 26, 1992 with the February 1993 issue under the title Dengeki PC Engine, which changed to the current title in 2002. Despite the self-describing "magazine" description, the publication has over 350 pages an issue.

A special edition spin-off version called Dengeki G's Festival! About half of the magazine pages are colored and contain information about games or anime; the remaining pages, placed at the end of the magazine, are serialized manga series.

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