Tutorial 3 validating an xml document buisness dating

The XML and xsl file will be used in xsltproc tool and the output will be a simple Pass or Fail. As far as I know, in an XSD specification one can only supply min Occurs attribute values equal to a non negative integer.

But here a refer back to an attribute in the parent element would be needed.

It enables you to quickly check that input is roughly in the form you expect and quickly reject any document that is too far away from what your process can handle.

If there's a problem with the data, it's better to find out earlier than later.

I've an XML document and I need to come up with xslt to validate certain rules in the XML document.

This is useful for adding constraints that are more easily checked in a Turing-complete language like Java than in a declarative language like the W3C XML Schema language.

You can define a mini-schema language, write a quick implementation, and plug it into the validation layer.

The validation output is always displayed in the active tab.

Therefore, you can check well-formedness in Tab1 for one schema file and keep the result by switching to Tab2 before validating the next schema document (otherwise Tab1 is overwritten with the validation result ).

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